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Prologue: So many things hard, trivial, intolerable in the world today. We often have to cope with such annoyance for duty-bound way. In that case why don't we try to confront them in fun desperately. We might be able to find hints make them easy and fun possibly. the concept is "how does it become interesting?" I intend to increase programs with such a thought little by little. I'm looking forward to your support and interest.
"Omoshirogari" means getting a kick out of every thing.
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"Profit by the improvement of quality" : the seminar on basic quality management. (Japanese only) 2008/11/06 henkaku: a change. reform.
081106変革 It’s been decided that Senator Barack Obama would be the next President. But even if I talk about that, it must be a pale imitation of many similar opinions. So, I’ll comment on what I felt in my own way from a different point of view.
 A nomination is held every four years. And an election of the House of Representatives is every other year. The term of the House of Senate is six years and a election is every other year per one third of seats. There isn’t resignation or dissolution like Japan. So, however poor President may be or however incoherent Congress may be, the people have no way except for being patient until next election. That is they think about politics as a unit of two to four years. In other words, they deal with policies based on strategies spending full time.
 When Japanese economy was so strong as called ‘Japan as No.1’, it was said the reason of strength Japanese enterprise was the administration based on the long-term view. They just seek 10 million yen of ten years after not today’s 1000 yen.
 I understand management is so difficult that just 1000 yen cannot be spend freely for many companies. However, if they continue the same momentary management, it’s impossible to turn their situation better. I don’t want to say bad things, but there’re lots of managers whose thinking way has got rusty and make little of long-term strategy and don’t intend to hear of it.
 America entrust next four years to young President whose slogan is ‘change’. He might be under difficulty for the present, but as long as he stand on long-term strategy, he must get the fruits of his efforts one of these days.
 Japan has dissolution. But watching what current prime minister says and does, we don’t have no change until the end of term of the Lower House. I’m never satisfied with the prospect. But now, we should wait the time of change thinking of next four years like America. Companies have no way except for endurance, but it’s just time to act with a change in the way of thinking now in order to regain our power.
"Challenge! to be a master of kaizen" : the short story as a primer of improvement for workers in a plant. (under translation)
"Ideas from SYSTEM" : (in preparation) "Memorandom" : techical term, curent event news and so on(Japanese only) Although this is in Japanese, if you don't mind, please see it.
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