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"Afternoon Picture Book" : original picture book. Please give a glance when you have time.
2008/11/06 henkaku: a change. reform.
081106変革 It’s been decided that Senator Barack Obama would be the next President. But even if I talk about that, it must be a pale imitation of many similar opinions. So, I’ll comment on what I felt in my own way from a different point of view.
 A nomination is held every four years. And an election of the House of Representatives is every other year. The term of the House of Senate is six years and a election is every other year per one third of seats. There isn’t resignation or dissolution like Japan. So, however poor President may be or however incoherent Congress may be, the people have no way except for being patient until next election. That is they think about politics as a unit of two to four years. In other words, they deal with policies based on strategies spending full time.
 When Japanese economy was so strong as called ‘Japan as No.1’, it was said the reason of strength Japanese enterprise was the administration based on the long-term view. They just seek 10 million yen of ten years after not today’s 1000 yen.
 I understand management is so difficult that just 1000 yen cannot be spend freely for many companies. However, if they continue the same momentary management, it’s impossible to turn their situation better. I don’t want to say bad things, but there’re lots of managers whose thinking way has got rusty and make little of long-term strategy and don’t intend to hear of it.
 America entrust next four years to young President whose slogan is ‘change’. He might be under difficulty for the present, but as long as he stand on long-term strategy, he must get the fruits of his efforts one of these days.
 Japan has dissolution. But watching what current prime minister says and does, we don’t have no change until the end of term of the Lower House. I’m never satisfied with the prospect. But now, we should wait the time of change thinking of next four years like America. Companies have no way except for endurance, but it’s just time to act with a change in the way of thinking now in order to regain our power.
2008/10/29 asagao: a morning glory; a Japanese popular flower of a vine.
081029朝顔 It was so beautiful purple flowers of Japanese morning glories.
 Some readers might feel the full blossoms strange in spite of December will come soon.
 However, it’s not bad to feel strange, because a morning glory is generally popular in hot summer season, and also the morning glory fair in Iriya is held every July. There is a gap between the symbolic flower of midsummer and the fact that the flower blooms in this season we feel winter will come soon. This gap is just the problem. If you feel strange, you have an awareness of the issues.
 You can deny this phenomenon because this flower must bloom in summer and it’s possible to say that the photo is fake. But sorry to tell you that the photo was taken this morning. If you cannot believe anything correct except for what others tell you and what are written in books, you are the so-called ‘a manual person’.
 On the other hand, if you meekly accept this fact without protesting and wonder why, it’s the start of problem solving.
 Dose this location get a lot of sunshine? Is it the influence of global warming? Did the flower’s owner seed later? Is it just a scatter of the flowering season? There are a lot of possibilities we can make. Such possibilities are hypotheses. To make sure whether a hypothesis is true or false is a verification. To repeat making a hypothesis and a verification and to make clear the riddle of the problem is science.
 It is so pleased to watch morning glories thinking such things.
 But many people might be surprised that a morning glory is a season word of autumn and it’s one of the seven autumn flowers. There’re some theories that this morning glory is actually an althea or a bellflower, but I think ancient people might have seen facts more meekly than people today.
 Two poems by Okura-Yamanoue in the Man’yoshu.
 Aki no no ni sakitaru hana o yubiorite kaki kazoureba nanakusa no hana.
 Hagi no hana obana kuzuhana nadesiko no hana ominaeshi mata fujibakama asagao no hana..
2008/10/17 meichu :a hit. strike.
081016命中 I sometimes get a falling object from the sky in walking. And it is very often at that.
 Of course, I don’t feel it good. But even so, it wins my admiration to hit with perfect timing. It’s just like a result of taking good aim by an accurate calculation of sniper’s position and target’s speed.
 Assuming that the height of wire a bird perches on is 15 meters, it takes about 1.75 seconds to the ground by free falling. On the other hand, assuming the speed a man walks is 5 kilo meters an hour, when the man comes near about 2.5 meters this side, it drops a bomb and it must succeed to hit!
 It is a content of physics in high-school, so it must be said that crows and gray starlings are much cleverer than idiotic students around there.
 Actually, when it finds a man walking, it might evacuate in surprise. But even so…
 When walking, you’d better keep away from under wires. It’s an iron law.
2008/10/02 banana :a long curved fruit with yellow skins.
081002甘蕉 My old mother complains that she can’t place offerings on the Buddhist altar.
 All of my family have sweet teeth. A banana is indispensable as a offering because it is a favorite of my father and grand-parents. However, recently, bananas are sold out in every supermarket in the evening. It is quite abnormal that we can’t get even a quality banana.
 The morning banana diet is in fashion now. I don’t know how it is effective, but it said that you can lose weight as long as you get only bananas and water at breakfast, even if you eat your favorite foods as much as you want and you don’t need some exercise after that. Once skim milk and bitter chocolate used to be a shortage of stock by the same reason.
 Well, I feel people who walk early morning lessen. I can understand that everyone want to lose weight comfortably. But I have an experience to lose over 10 kilo grams by continuing easy walking every morning and I think the most important thing of losing weight is taking care of one’s own health certainly. How do you think?
2008/09/20 higanbana :a cluster-amaryllis.
080920彼岸花 It’s the time when a cluster-amaryllis becomes to be found here and there.
 Another name, manjusyage, is Sanskrit and its meaning is a red flower. It is dazzling bright red when it grows in colonies on a shiny dry riverbed or bank.
 This flower smacks religious because of its name. But watching the figure, it is a quite elegant and beautiful flower. It has many species of garden plant, and it is little wonder that a narcissus and an amaryllis, very familiar flowers, are the same species.
 I found cluster-amaryllises blooming in darkness of a thicket. I felt strange because it was quite different from a red flower in the bright sunshine. I guess the reason of some bad feeling names, for example, a ghost flower, a dead man’s flower, an abandoned child’s flower and so on, are caused by weird feeling of such an unbalance.
 I think it is the plant’s own convenience that the flower always bloom on the autumn equinoctial week. However, people would watch the flower with their own thoughts.
2008/09/08 utsuroi :changes. transition.
080908移ろい Hakuro. It’s the time when the air becomes cold and the frost has begun. It’s just autumn in the old calendar, but cicadas are so noisy yet and it’s hot now!
 This morning I walked in silent town keeping my breath well as usual, I just became aware of the smell of the fragrant-olive. I looked around carefully and found a white fragrant-olive.
 A white fragrant-olive is the ancestor of a fragrant-olive. It’s said that its smell is less than a fragrant-olive. However that tree definitely informs me the autumn beginning.
 Cicadas’ noise and smell of a fragrant-olive, the symbols of the summer and autumn, exist in the same time. It’s so interesting, isn’t it?
 Everything doesn’t change suddenly, changes gradually as it becomes chaos. It’s so common, isn’t it? I walked the Hakuro morning admiring such a matter of course.
2008/09/04 sanmon-shibai :cheap play.
080904三文芝居  For what is politics done? A little boy asked and a man answered that it’s done for happiness of the people. That man was Ichiro Ozawa who was the secretary-general of the LDP at that time and is the leader of JDP now.
 I guess it’s good answer. But it doesn’t mean I support JDP. I’m a voter with no party affiliation. As long as politics is done for happiness of the people, I don’t care that LDP or even Communist has power.
 And I won’t criticize that power parties manage to maintain the power. However, where the will for people’s happiness in twice premier’s resignation after the election of Councilors?
 Someone said that what Koizumi dramatic administration made the politics close to us is good. Don’t be silly! Being familiar is quite different from being a political variety show.
 For a while since now every media will merrily go on broadcasting performance in which the entire troupe appears of such a cheap play. Far from being melancholy, this autumn is depressing…
2008/08/30 hokori :pride. honor.
080830誇 At that time, someone must’ve talked about office problem with drink. At that time, someone must’ve studied in order to get through the difficulty of an entrance examination. At that time, someone must’ve sung a song with children. At that time, someone must’ve immersed herself in happiness sitting close together. At that time, someone must’ve jogged on a street for improvement of metabolism. Everyone lives to the fullest.
 At that time, a young man, who had a dream that wasteland would have been turned out of wealthy green land, has been killed by ignorance, prejudice and misunderstanding as his dream wasn’t accomplished.
 We have a lot of proud things. Players who made us a deep impression on Olympic games, of course. And high technology, intelligence, history… However, the proudest to the world is the man who wasn’t afraid of danger and devoted himself single-mindedly to struggling poverty for unrelated people without honor or money.
 May the soul of Mr.Kazuya Ito rest in peace.
2008/08/15 yu :quietly. calmly. slowly.
080815悠 I visited Corot’s exhibition.
 Although it disappointed completely my expectation that it might be not so crowded in the Bon holidays, the exhibition was so impressive as I didn’t care about crowdedness.
 It’s said that he was a pioneer of the Impressionists, but he was different from many contemporary artists acted brilliantly. He was a French artist who went on drawing his favorite scene or people as if he went his own way calmly or indifferently.
 When I enjoy pictures, I always stand still in front of a work with the intention of being the artist. So I’m veiled in a sense of presence that extends out of a frame and I’m putting a brush on the canvas unconsciously…such a selfish imagination is so pleasant.
 I can hear a whisper of wind, murmur of a stream, a song of birds and a voice of people from every work. They talk to me as a poem with cattle’s smell, a scent of dry soil, reflection of a bright column and quality of women's clothes.
 It is at Ueno until 31. After that it will hold at Kobe.
2008/08/06 gukou :a silly act.
080806愚行At that time, my father was in the Nagasaki dockyard. So, he was A-bombed at the place 3 km away from the hypocenter.
Genocide is man’s silly act that has done again and again from the earliest time. An atomic bomb can accomplish it in a moment.
Of course we cannot justify the aggression war done by Japan. However that country whose defeat seemed certain was definitely dying, so we wonder if it was so danger as to be worth killing by 2 A-bombs.
At school in America kids are taught that A-bombs saved lots of lives. If it is justifiable, why haven’t they fired missiles to Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan? It is because many many lives are lost there every day even now.
Anyway. I don’t know why but everybody keep away suspiciously, when I’m about to talk of wars or A-bomb at school or company. Because they imagine it is an anti-government political movement? Or they afraid of getting complicated incurring displeasure of the power or right wing? Why do they avoid this topic nervously?
I just want to talk about the blessing of peace. I’ve heard that people who know the meaning of the days, 8/6, 8/9 and 8/15 have reduced. Kids aren’t wrong. It’s the reason why adults don’t intend to teach them.
2008/07/30 ka :a mosquito.
080730蚊It is what happened when we stayed up late in a training camp. We were enjoying talking but everybody without us were breathing in sleep definitely.
A friend said that he had a certain way of waking one no matter how deep he or she slept. I asked him to show the way, so keeping a straight face he approached one’s ear groaning in falsetto. Amusingly, some of them actually tried to shake off.
It’s so impressive that the Chinese character, the left-hand side is an insect and the right is a sentence, symbolizes that buzz making us irritated. Such a mosquito comes from somewhere in a tropical sleepless night.
I catch a buzz just as I feel sleepy, so I pull a blanket made of toweling over my head in panic, and I cannot stand hot and sweat, so I put my head out of a blanket, and I catch a buzz again just as I feel sleepy…
Thinking a noise of neighbor’s air conditioner reproachful, I tell myself that it is also a poetic touch to a summer night, and I rub my sleepy eyes grinning and bearing.
2008/07/21 netsugen :a source of heat.
080721熱源 It is said that 10 days after the rainy season are fine. So the air is stable and fine weather keep on for a while after the rainy season. Because our physical condition cannot go with this weather change, we feel this fine weather terribly hot.
 However, there are relatively more green in the neighborhood, the temperature has gone down at dawn as we feel cold with only a summer quilt. I feel such coolness gracious, and I would go morning walk willingly.
 A common scene that a car stops at the side of a road. I’ve stopped walk for drinking, and I feel so good because the wind has taken my heat of vaporization of my sweat. Strange to say, this car, all windows shut, revs up for air conditioner.
 Recently, the price of gas abnormally rises. I never be able to understand the thinking of this driver who doesn't care of waste of energy and giving off the heat and the gas of global warming.
 But, watching the highway road from an overpass, I’m afraid that there’s no cars whose windows open naturally. So I’ve been aware of the fact that a source of heat is not only the sun in the summer morning walk.
2008/07/13 katatumuri :a snail.
080713蝸牛 Early morning near at the end of the rainy season.
 When I watched my feet, there’s a snail going on the asphalt road. If a car would come, it’s killed easily. It must be a very risky crossing road. And also, if Joseph who is Heidi’s dog would find it, he must be glad to eat it up.
 A snail is a terrestrial snail. There’re over 700 different types of snail in Japan. When I was a child, I felt it so fun to touch its feeler, and I wondered if it lost the shell, it might become a slug, so I did a cruel activity for it.
 Well, I remember hearing that a snail has a very dangerous parasite. It has very complicated name, leucochloridium. It’s so scary because if the parasite will live on a man, it comes into the brain and rarely kills the host.
 I thought it was so dangerous to touch it without thinking carefully. But according to some website, the parasite has seen in Japan these 20 years, and I hear that it caused by illegal dumping of an imported kind for a pet.
 It is an example that our irresponsibility brought an danger into our livelihood, isn’t it?
2008/06/29 taisya :metabolism. chemical processes in your body.
080629代謝 I used to see only some people who walked dog or young men who jogged on rare occasions in the town early morning as 5 or 6. However there’re many middle-aged men recently.
 It’s little bit pathetic they walk shaking their arms seriously, it’s quite different from my strolling with looking aside.
 I measure just 85 centimeters around belly and little high blood pressure, so I’m a reserve body of metabolic syndrome based on standard. But my BMI is less than 25 because of my height tall. I had had a quartet of death when I got sick by too much stress, but now I don’t feel bad at all. Nevertheless, doctors may tall me something much. It’s so annoying, isn’t it?
 Some friends of mine are chubby since their childhood. I’ve heard that a man who is fat little will live long. And I don’t understand why over 85 centimeters is bad.
 Yes, I neither understand why old men are divided by age 75. Why our nation has kept doing such cold-hearted conformist things?
 There’re more important things it should do, aren’t there?
2008/06/22 ajisai :a hydrangea. a popular plant in Japanese rainy season.
080622紫陽花 A hydrangea in the rainy season.
 It’s a definitely matter of course, so I have nothing to be conscious of it even if blooming along path. I occasionally watch a bright blue or pink hortensia blooms in a garden, but I’m not interested in because I feel them unnatural for reason I couldn’t know.
 I walked consciously, and I found stocks of hydrangea lining in tussock. I never felt it beautiful when I was a child, but I think it’s so impressive as a floral crown because it has pity flowers gather like beads in the center of calyxes that look like real petals.
 It is written a violet sunny flower in Chinese characters. However, it has impression of not a violet flower but blue or pink flower. I’ve heard if the soil is acidity, it becomes blue, and if alkaline, pink. It’s interesting that is the reverse of litmus paper.
 It is really the second half of the rainy season hearing news of a heavy rain in Kyusyu. I’ve never wanted to go to hydrangea temples here and there in the least, but I can get the atmosphere of the peak period of this flower.
A bulbul has chirped and flied away over my head.
2008/06/15 miri :millimeter. a prefix meanig of one thousandth.
080615粍 I know it is irrelevant to the following, but I felt bad this morning seeing a centipede on tatami when I changed clothes.
  listened to the radio after breakfast. Suddenly Mr.Ei began to be alarmed and said “It’s quaking…” So I kept still and I was also sure to get the long tremor of the house.
 The earthquake, named ‘Iwate,Miyagi, inland earthquake’, was so big as ‘Hanshin, Awaji great earthquake’. It didn’t damage very much because its hypocenter was in mountains but it is said that Mt.Kurikoma moved about 200 millimeters.
 Referring to the earthquake record by the Meteorological Agency, We can find that Japan most always quake and moves millimeters a year.
 Although it is as good as no motion on human’s feeling, if we think on the earth scale, it is calculated that the land slipped more than 220 kilometers from the 220 million year old position. What we call the land immovable estate is a selfish conviction of human.
 A great earthquake just has hit Sichuan China last month. The earth surely moves.
2008/06/07 satsuki-bare :fine weather between spells of monsoon rain
Satsuki-bare is the good weather that lasts hours or 1 or 2 days in the rainy season. It’s called so because the season is May of the old calendar. Although it’s so moist and not clear,, it’s used as a very fine day because of a rare lull in the long rain.
Actually, the sun moves on the highest orbit in the sky, so ultraviolet rays are very strong in this season. Young leaves catches the morning sun shine after rain, and they’re like a good sunshade. Watching the green rays altered by its condition of their overlap, I’m unconscious of the passage time.
This month is the environmental month. Events related to the month are held here and there, however, I don’t think problems will be solved by carnivals of a month. If anything, it’s the job time of some traders who are on pretext of environment.
Speaking of eco we can do, some examples of thrift and cut down are introduced. They’re very similar to the cost reduction activities in companies. I wish everybody can do it naturally in our society.
No matter how convenient our life may become, if people show the eco flag and do business that brings a scarcity of food and a energy crisis, we must be retaliated by nature some day. No, we’ve already got…
I consider such a thing in the small green booth.
2008/06/02 nawabari :territory
080602縄張 Today, I looked around smelling something bad, and I found a matter dropped near a manhole. I thought it was the misbehavior of somebody with a dog at first. One day, I caught the scene a black and white homeless cat dropped it. Since then, he is the villain who lords it over the street.
 We must get rid of this matter soon, or we suffer extreme misery by pieces of it squashed and scattered by cars. I don’t know what he ate, but his matter is terribly offensive, so I’m discouraged to clean feeling wretched.
 Last day, a program of NHK said that cats usually use a space under the eaves or in the flower bed as a toilet. But he did it on the center of the road unashamedly and went somewhere. I think he insists his territory by this action because the usual point of his moved every year by change of power maybe.
 I’ve managed to take measures getting information that cats hates citrus fruits or ultrasound, but they have not worked well. I feel angry because we must spend private money for such a public problem. However a public office won’t cope with such a matter because of the animal protection law or so.
 If only we get a good settlement of this matter…
2008/05/26 KAIZEN no nedan :the price of KAIZEN
080526改善の値段 I think that many people couldn’t take their eyes off the headline, “Overtime for KAIZEN” in Asahi Shinbun dated May 22nd.
 There must be a light and a shadow in prosperity. It should be said Toyota's KAIZEN is No.1 of the world. However, it is the fact that labor condition and employment of that company have been criticized for long time. Unfortunately, if you refer to such a part of shadow, you’ll be made radical left wing in this country whose people think the profit is most important.
 As this site explain, KAIZEN is obviously the responsibility of workers and it’s one of their tasks. Therefore, KAIZEN should be usually done more normally. But corporations have dealt with KAIZEN as an activity workers serve, and the cost reduction shouldn’t need money for itself. They thought KAIZEN wasn’t a job, so they didn’t intend to pay.
Now, the fact such news appeared is they recognize essence of KAIZEN and its correct value.
 There were some shameful commentator of the media. They said that they had experiences on the spot and were angry because no pay for ideas in after five drinking. I wonder they’re politicians who hunt for concessions. Do you think that the talking in a bar is KAIZEN?
2008/05/08 kozue :a treetop
080408梢  There was the reverberation of a festival remained and people kept losing their cool even if cherry blossoms have fallen and become sprouting leaves. However, after the Golden Week, the atmosphere of a town has definitely changed and we could feel relieved.
 The coloring of flowers have become a little moderate and fresh green has covered a walk way. What a good feeling walking in a grove in the fine morning! Everything is full of life, and it isn’t an upper tone like the other day, so I can feel my step progresses steadily.
 I walk faster naturally with good feeling, and dry air becomes a wind of early summer, and is faintly fragrant in a face. I wonder how women feel this smell similar to a man's semen. I’m a male and I feel it’s an expression of youthful energy rather than vulgar obscenity. Is it my selfish belief?
 I stop walk and look up at a treetop. The verdure which lies one upon another interrupts light, serves as a green shadow pattern, and is shaking softly to the wind. I can get the sky beyond the leaves. I’d like to call the color of the light hope.
 It is the most favorite season in one year.
2008/05/01 hibari :skylark
080501雲雀  It is the spring season that we can understood becoming a good weather today by the feel of clean air even if it’s a little bit cloudy this morning.
 My walk way was a narrow path through a copse just until the other day. As soon as I found it became impassable for construction, the way was changing into naked land developed for housing lots in no time, and the high-class apartment without individuality has covered here and there. The number of advertising leaflets of real estate increases indiscriminately, and a newspaper doesn’t go into a mailbox.
 There is almost no car although it has become the gray large paved road, and there’s also almost no sign which impresses a feeling of a life in the window of a high-class apartment.
 It’s the quite strange scene that I cannot catch kids’ voice at all and I wonder whether a tenant is truly needed by the ability.
 The large vacant lot remains over the small park made for mere form’s sake.The signboard of the planned housing construction site stands also here expressionlessly. Heavy industrial machines beyond the wire net are waiting for the beginning of construction.
 Well, that bird, it’s singing shrilly in a high sky for quite a while, is a skylark. I think surely she has a nest somewhere in this vacant lot. There’s no way for her to know the astounding construction will start soon.
 What does her continuous song tell?
 “Issue Charity Neat True Little Little…
2008/04/14 hanashi :talking. conversation. story. rumor.
080414話 Radio is pleasant. The reason why here’re many TBS’s program is that the radio wave is easy to catch in this area unexpectedly.
 My most favorite program is Mr. Genzou Wakayama's “Background Music.“ Early in the afternoon on Sunday, I feel relieved to the melody with the quiet string introduced in noted detective Amos Burke's voice. I also like Mr. Ei’s “With someone somewhere.“ I can get much opinion with sympathy at the new contents "50 yen reproof.“ Whenever I hear the very standard program "Shoichi Ozawa-heart“, I grin.
 Considering about these fantastic old men, they’re all the latter term elderly people. If various talks aren’t heard while they are fine, I think that it loses truly. However, they don’t show their figure even as television, not to mention the Internet.
 If there is a cellular phone, books are unnecessary. If there is the Internet, newspapers are unnecessary. If there is e-mail, letters are unnecessary. If there is a convenience store, a shopping center is unnecessary. Incidentally, if there is a security company,contact with neighbors is unnecessary. But I think…
 Yes, it is certain that radio is the low-technology of a last time, but actually radio is so
deep culture that cannot compare with a cellular phone and the Internet, etc.
 Oh, "Arakawa Kyoukei’s Day Catch" starts soon.
 The program of Ms. Mari Watanabe‘s “Access” of night is also interesting. Well, don’t mind, and let‘s turn off your personal computer occasionally and listen to radio at ease. …drinking whisky and water…
2008/04/10 nenchakusei :adhesiveness. epilepsy.
080410粘着性 It’s not correct that I shouldn’t talk about politics because I’m neither a critic nor an eloquent speaker. Although I’m always annoyed by confusion of the latest politics, on the other hand, I’m feeling to have understood at last the system called the parliamentary democracy of this country.
 When the opposition party got a majority in the Upper House election last year, it was having understood that parliament deliberations stop going well for the governing party at least for these three years. In order to avoid it, there was no way but the governing party should maintain a majority by managing to split the opposition party, or should be taken a general election after prompt dismissal. Probably the opposition party would also get a majority of the House of Representatives. It is quite unknown whether the opposition party can carry out political power management correctly or not. But, probably, there was no serious confusion like the status quo.
 Because of predominance defined, the majority of the House of Representatives can decide all policy. And I also thought the House of Councilors is not needed because it doesn’t seem to fulfill its function of the check organization However, it turns out that just the House of Councilors has decided the owner of political power in fact reflecting a national intention.
 It is such an easy thing everybody can understand considering a few, but only present governing party that has strong adhesiveness cannot get it at all. (the mass media neither?)They don’t understand that an approval rating only falls increasingly, either. Also Japan's trust, economic strength, and the life of the people.
2008/04/05 kaze:wind. the flow of air. the course of events.
080405風 The stop at the signal of a cherry load. One piece of petal which comes in unexpectedly into a car. It was blown on the wind, and was left from the opposite window.
 For most persons, music is pop, and is a popular song and even a lock, jazz, and a classic are major. As for a chorus, the number of fans decrease extremely unfortunately.
 The excellent piece of music "the four seasons of the heart" (lyrics by Hiroshi Yoshino and music by Saburo Takada) is in the chorus. I hum the song just, whenever a shower of falling cherry blossom petals is seen. It is telling the transient change by wonderful expression "a petal dances and falls and spring becomes weaker.“
Only by singing The first vibrant tunes, feeling already wells up and a tear comes out of me.
 I am the good-for-nothing made a plaything of time like the petal in a spring breeze. Actual society which neither consideration nor mutual help has and snobs swagger. It becomes weaker rapidly in spring which must be warm. The season which becomes strong instead of it is summer. Summer of severe intense heat.
2008/04/03 kiiro:yellow. it's said that this color means the center.
080403黄色JR Utsunomiya Line. It is pleasant to see a cherry tree in full bloom in some places from a train window. More than it, I’m fascinated by the rape blossoms which bloom in along a track involuntarily.
Even if talked about flowers other than a cherry tree at this time, everybody seldom shows concern. However, the beauty of the yellow belt which shines in the inside where a peaceful rural landscape spreads is quite different from the cherry blossom viewing in confusion. If time allows, I will want to get off a train and to walk along this riverbank slowly.
Yellow matches well in spring. Why does this brightness completely differ from the yellow of autumn? Is that because the green of the surrounding verdure of a flower differs from the green of the leaf of autumn which was withering slightly? It is the bright yellow which is lively calm.
In the car [ almost empty ]. I take off shoes, lengthen my legs on a chair, and indulge in luxury of enjoying spring yellow fully.
2008/04/01 hitogoto:a thing that is no concern of yours.
080401他人事 The new fiscal year begins from today. It is said that the first day is the day you may tell a lie. April-fool is a person deceived on this day. If you tell a lie on another day, Yama will pull out your tongue. However, there are the calm people because they have the spare tongue.
 To crush the LDP…it was a lie. To pay pension perfectly…lie. To spend the road-tax for only a road…lie. To protect the nation by the Aegis destroyer…lie. To observe the constitution…lie. To contribute the world peace…lie. Not to break the pledge…lie. Lie, lie, lie.
 The medical-care system for the latter period elderly that was steamrollered two years ago began on today. This government snatches money from the poor. Otherwise the current medical system fails. …lie? I’m suspicious.
 If it is a private enterprise, at first corporate downsizing by thorough improvement and changing a system is common. However bureaucrats and politicians have no idea without the status quo and snatching money.
 The progress is the changing. Will there be progressing in this country? I’m suspicious.
2008/03/28 full blossom. the season most Japanese become crazy
 Cherry blossom, brilliantness of pale pink everywhere. It's very interesting that each of stocks has individuality in spite of the clone of 'Someiyoshino' the same DNA. This caricature was drawn in April 5 years ago, so the flowering is early this year. Global warming? I wonder...
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2008/03/26 shitsuke:discipline. letting you wear manners.
 It was an event when I took a walk in the morning. The little girl who came out to take the newspaper just said "konnichiwa". I guess her age is about entering school. I told her gently "you should say 'ohayou' in the morning", and she replied "ohayou" with her small voice.
 Though it is such a trivial thing, a greeting makes us feel so good. All said and done, a greeting is free of charge. There is nothing else to makes us comfortable very economically. However, the people who cannot greet increased recently.
 It is only the elderly and women who says hello when I meet each other in the neighborhood. Guys are no good. Even when I turn my face to them to say hello, they pretend not to notice me unnaturally and turn to the other place and hide in the shade. Kids are no good, too. Even if I say good morning, they glance at me and run away.
 I admired that her parents trained her properly in such a these days, and I passed there. But...wait a minute. I thought so, and I looked back, but I didn't get her figure anymore. I must've be a strange doubtful man for her... Because this time is so dangerous of murder or a kidnapping, it is common to be careful about other person as for the discipline to the child.
 I wonder if that girl will be soon one of kids who don't say hello. I'm not sure, but it might be we who makes people don't say hello after all. I thought about such a thing and came home.
2008/03/22 kaori:good smell. hikari:light
080322沈丁花 When I went to the porch to close a sliding door, a full moon was pale and lighted up the whole garden wrapped in the dark of the night.
 This fragrance is a sweet-smelling daphne. Because it is planted in the depths of the coral formation, I cannot watch this flower from the porch. Therefore, it is felt as if moonlight invites this fragrance. And I fall into the mysterious sense that fragrance is luminous itself.
 This sense is strongly left in my old memory. I wonder if it is the reason, I'm stuck into the impression just like light comes from somewhere when I smell the flower even now.
 The sweet-smelling daphne is pale moonlight; the plum is gentle light of the cloudy sky; the narcissus is light in a sunny place; the freesia is sunshine filtering through foliage lighting up the girl... They are quite just imagination of my own, but the season with ensemble of such fragrance and the light filling is spring. 
2008/03/20 chiteki-houkou : the intellectual wandering
080320知的彷徨 I've heard of Arthur C.Clark's death. He was the last man of the three major SF writers who represented the 20th century.
 It is the movie "2001 Space Odyssey" (director Stanley Kublick) that I met his work first like most of fans. It was too difficult to understand for me because I was a teenage kid in those days. In spite of that, I was shocked by the fantastic picture which space and solemn classical music wove in the whole screen.
 The movie name is 'a trip of the space' in Japan, but the original title is 'space Odyssey'. Odyssey is an epic written by Greek poet Homerus. It came to express an eventful trip and came to have a meaning such as wandering of the mind and the intellectual wandering. So that movie was not a simple space saga after all.
 Their works have the weight that seemed to be commentary books of the study before they are literature. For my selfish impression, Heinlein is sociology, Asimov is natural science and Clark is philosophy. It became rare that I came across such a reading worth SF work. Probably it is not popular with the public unless such as the fairy tale that doesn't need brains.
  I put my hands flat together in prayer for the soul of the leader of dreams and intelligence.
2008/03/19 makura : a pillow
080319枕 A pillow is a thing supports the head when sleeping. And it has another meaning of introduction in Japan.
 For example, a pillow word of Japanese poem, and also makura, a preface of rakugo, they are told as a cue to remind the talk following the next. This time that the equinoctial week starts and spring vacation of a school comes is the pillow time before the new year starts in April.
 Now, the topics in this pillow time are a sudden rise in the yen, stock market plunge and high prices of commodities with a talk of misgivings even about the Great Depression; poor politics of our country doesn't have an ability of coping with such problems that are left as they are. And to make matters worse, some talks of threat can be heard from the neighboring country before the festival of peace. We can not believe that the good days will come with such a pillow at all.
 In spring one sleeps right through the dawn. The famous phrase of Meng Haoran who was a Chinese poet of the Tang Dynasty said sleep in spring is so comfortable that we cannot wake up in the morning. Long time ago, there was such an elegant person of culture in the country like risotto of of anachronistic Sinocentrism and stifling communism.
 Actually a spring pillow sticks to me forever in the morning. But, when the absurd increases, it makes I want to grumble that I can't find the good place for sleep. There is nothing to get kick out of without only sarcasm. BAKAYARO!
2008/03/14 koubai : a plum-tree with deep-pink blossoms
 Koubai became in full blossom.
 A white-eye and a bulbul come in search of sweet honey to pick a cherry red flower. I don't get tired, no matter how much I watch the combination with pretty green of the white-eye particularly. Though it was so bright color, I could feel a calm taste in some way. It is because this combination is the set of colors in Japan from ancient times.
 In this season, when I take a walk, the sweet fragrance of the plum drifts in the way destination and I feel so good. Any plum garden must be crowded with a lot of visitors in full bloom late this week.
 However, thinking of the flower's color, white is majority in any plum groves and some of pale-pink are there, but cherry red flowers are rare. I've heard that the plum in classical literature was cherry red. The design of Japanese playing cards is described in the red that is almost scarlet. So I think that the Japanese plum was originally with cherry red blossoms. I'd like to know how about plum groves in Kyoto and Nara.
 Cherry red. This color to read "kurenai" is written in a book as a luxurious thing equal to gold and it was the symbol of extravagance and the privilege before the Heian Period. Also it was the longed-for color that was not satisfied even if people expected it.
 Understanding such back ground, I ate a pikled red plum last of breakfast, and I felt as if I was in a luxury life...sour! it's a delusion...
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