the concept of omoshirogari The concept is
"how does it become interesting?" "
I'm the editor of this site, Isa Hirasawa. Nice to meet you!
 People usually said that "omoshirogari" the name of this site is strange.
 And also they advised that I had better make it clear that I want to tell properly, whether show my hobby, whether use as bussiness of my work, or whether apply information. Actually, I cannot make the category registration in Yahoo because the focus of this site is vague.

 What I want to tell.
 It is to have thought all the time since I was the age of the teens.

 It is said that you are rewarded by all means if you do your best. I think it is definitely correct.
 However, if the rewarded contents deviate from his value, he cannot feel that he was rewarded. I think a teacher (or a master) should teach that the effort is worthful, but the people who can do it have decreased recently.
 So even if you ask me whether I can do it, I don't know how I should answer, but at least I can say that things in my life do not always turn out the way I want.
 There are quite a few people who everything went just as a smooth sailing and had died with happiness. Most of us have dissatisfaction and uneasiness In real life. Therefore things we do are not interesting, not fun, and we are always envious of other people.

 If we want to advance to the next level of schooling, we have to prepare for exam even if it's not fun. If we want to get ahead in business, we must care about the boss even if we dislike him. If we want to win the championship, we have to exercise hard every day. If we want to stand on the top of the mountain, we have to walk the mountain path step by step even if breath is painful.
 "Gee, therefore joy when you did accomplishment is much more." People said so like the cheap lines of the TV drama. But what do they do, when they didn't achieve it? "Though I did my best, I couldn't" Anyone did such an experience. And mostly there is not the care from those around him, and the person himself barely settles it in his way.
 "Gee, a person has matured passing such a failure." It is also like a lines of the drama, but generally there is no follow to him since then, so this is the words that are irresponsible and like a comment of a terrible comentator.
 In fact, the more people repeat a failure, the more number of the people who give up thinking of everything becomes as it becomes. Is it wrong?

 A result is all in the world. It is a result to win through up to a record in business, sports, society, person...Result is extremly important because it changes the later situation.
 However, the result depends on luck and turn and it can produce jealousy and friction. What with these problems, hou could we ever require value only for a result. Will such a thing really bring up a person?

 I wonder if it is not a result but a process before reaching a result to bring up a person.
 The result is an instant, but processes are always continuation. I wonder if it is to make a person big to live this continual time to the full. I wonder if it becomes the manure of the life in the same way, no matter how much we grow older...
 There are a lot of things that we feel them so hard and tedious in reality even if I say a no matter how beautiful thing. Here is a point.
 You should stop it quickly if it does not matter, but this must continue it forcedly if it is the importance which does not go so either. We don't want to do it, so we feel it hard and dull. Because hard and dull, we don't dedicate ourselves to do it. Because no dedication, the result is not enough. It is such a vicious circle.

 How can I raise a performance? What I do for it? I thought so and got the answer that I should think of "how does it become interestiong?" It is the concept of 'omoshirogari'.
 Therefore I think it has nothing to do with a genre and a category. If I found a very intersting matter in a genre that I was concerned with by chance, I would like to introduce the information frankly. It's not a lecture with an air of importance.
 For example, while I work as a consultant, my basic concept is always this ; how does work become interesting? ...However important people require the result after all...there is no help for it...

 I intend to increase programs with such a thought little by little. I'm looking forward to your support and interest.

the editor of omoshirogari web site : Isao Hirasawa

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