profile of Isao Hirasawa ★Occupation : management consultant, illustrator.
★Birthplace : Tokyo
★Location : Kanagawa.
the concept is 'how does it become interesting?'
★Background : Waseda University ; department of science and engineering (management engineering)
- studied under Mr. Hikaru Furukawa (professor of Waseda Univ. / the deceased), Katsumi Yokomizo (professor of Waseda Univ. / the deceased), Tatsuji Miura (professor of Takasaki City Univ. of Economics).
- studied mainly group technology, and industrial engineering, systems engineering.
- The study of the estimate making arrangements time in the lathe work was quoted in the standardization promotion business report of the machine industry, and the report won the prize for documents of the Japan institute of Industrial Engineering.
★Career :
the private manufacturing industry ; The production plan section of , a guarantee of quality section
- practiced many improvements as the office reform staff.
- carried out an office and the education training for the cooperation company.
- supported acquisition ISO9000s (the construction of an actual quality system)
- applied IE / QC / WD / OR to spot improvement.
- be qualified to practice MTM / RWF / MODAPTS.
Techno Management Research Institute co. ltd.
- have the result of such guidance as...
- the reform of the quality system (application such as system engineering / reliability engineering / quality engineering) ,
- the improvement of production control that utilized a PC ,
- the improvement of ex-factory by the design approach.
The above is the official profile that is introduced by seminars and guidance.
 *If you have the orders such as improvement guidance / the business trip seminar, of course I take it.
 *Please e-mail to Arake(coordinator) or Fukumoto(coordinator).
As follows true figure ...

Blood type : O-type Rh +.  ★Holoscope : Aquerius
- I am extremely a common Japanese in the neighborhood. I am a consultant, but am not excellent teacher by any means. There are a lot of things that I have to study and to be taught by everyone. Never invite me a teacher. The gods will make I pay for that.

Hobbies : various.
- I love to do everything such as hiking, skiing playing the piano, photograph, sketching, history sight-seeing, seeing horse racing and so on by the omoshirogari spirit as far as money and times permit. I rather have slow reflexes but I think I am skillful. But I do nothing in particular now. At most walking. Fingers do not move for playing the piano anymore... I would say that I want to swim so far.

Favorite thing : a grilled saury with salt.
- I love the blue sky which I see ahead of the treetop of the fresh green.
- I love feeling the volume of the big space at time of the ridge traveling.
- The picture of the private house of the artist Junkichi Mukai, the picture of 'the black fan' of the artist Takeji Fujishima, 'le nozze di Figaro' of Mozart, the sound of Herbie Hancock, the playing of the pianist Takehiro Honda, the bosa nova of Quarteto Em Cy, the novels of Shotaro Ikenami, the rakugo of the master Kosanji Yanagiya, the comics of Shinji Nagashima, the riding style on horseback in the active play times of the master Masato Shibata, '12 angry men' of the director Sidney Lumet, 'Anne of Green Gables' of the actress Megan Farrow, the chattering of Rokusuke Ei, the interview after game of the former manager Ivica Osim, the gripe of the manager Katsuya Nomura, the first liutenant Berkeley of the Star Trek movie... well, there's no bounds...

Unfavourite thing : a fried meat cake... I always get heartburn after I eat it.
- The one who makes fun of a desperate person, the one who denies an idea immediately, the one who does'nt wash the hole of buttocks before taking a bath... I want to hit hard...
- War. Authoritarianism. Occult. I dislike them, too.

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