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2008/07/18 I finished to change "Profit by the improvement of quality" frame-page to standard type.
2008/07/07 I started to change "Profit by the improvement of quality" frame-page to standard type. I'm sorry you can't catch after Cahapter 7 so far. Please hold on.
2008/06/07 I occasionaly get an inquiry to use "Challenge! to be a master of KAIZEN" as a text for education in a company. The men who inquired are always so polite, and I always give a permission. But the currnt frame-page can not be printed well, so I've change it to standard type. I have a plan to change other programs. Hold on please.
2008/06/01 "Backnumber of Topics" has been put in order and updated.
2008/05/01 "Profit by the improvement of quality" Chapter 9 has been updated and finished. I will revise the contents in the future if necessary.
2008/03/26 "Profit by the improvement of quality" Chapter 8 has been updated.
2008/03/14 "Challenge! to be a master of KAIZEN" English version has been started.
2008/02/17 "Profit by the improvement of quality" Chapter 7 has been updated.
2008/01/30 "Profit by the improvement of quality" Chapter 5 & 6 have been updated. I've modified the contents.
2008/01/17 "Profit by the improvement of quality" Chapter 4 has been updated.
2008/01/06 The hit count has come up to 100 since the new domain started. Interesting to say, the hit count of "Challenge! to be a master of KAIZEN" increases more than twice as fast as the count of home page. I wonder what kind of the key for search visitors used. I'm very interested in it.
2008/01/01 I wish you a happy new year! To my amazement that I'm paying my first visit of the year to Ise shurine. This year, I wish, must become a golden year.
2007/12/21 "Profit by the improvement of quality" Chapter 3 has been updated.
2007/12/15 "Afternoon Picture Book" has been made rearranging old contents. Please give a glance when you have time.
2007/12/08 I've got a new domain of my own in stead of a sub-domain of yahoo geocities. Anyway, today is a memorial day of the outbreak of war. I think we should not forget the day because of keeping world peace.
2007/11/11 We celebrated Orita sensei's 77th birthday. Happy birthday!! And I'm so happy too to see Takabe sensei still vigorous!
2007/09/01 I've got requests to give a lecture on quality control in December from some companies. So, I've started to meke a section of quality on this site with the refurbishment.
2007/08/16 Too Hot! In Tajimi city and Kumagaya city, the temperature rose to 40.9 degree!!!! Although my PC was off, it became hot! ...but it would not be the reason why I've not finished the refurbishment... orz.
2007/08/05 I visited Sosyun no kai chorus leader and taught him how to make a web site. He intended to try to set it up during the Bon holiday period. I'm looking forward to make a link with his site.
2007/07/01 I've begun to refurbish this site. I hope this site will be more interesting site remaining old contents. Please tolerate illegibility until finish the make-up.
2005/03/31 I've started translating 'Challenge to be a master of improvement!' into English little by little. Frankly speaking, it is so hard for my skill that I cannot do it without a dictionary not only for technical terms but even for basical words. But an advance is just a change. There's no change in no action.
2005/03/25 I will try to start maintenance the site again, although I don't have allowance taht I create new programs. I've renewed the English version of 'the Happiness Village' and 'Smokers' that was on my mind. ...I astonished to find my English skill has gone down...
2005/02/28 Just as I thought, this job has been too hard for me...I got sick by much stress. I quit on today. I have to look for employment, but strictly speaking, I can keep in touch the company as a contracted employee. The first priority is obviously refreshing my health, and I think I should study more.
It may be so, but I think keenly the fact that I didn't maintain the site at all last year. But even so, I'm very impressed that the hit count has been over 1500, and I think it means that somebody hit the site at least one a day, and I'm really grateful to all.
2003/10/23 The hit count has come up to 1000.
I don't know who got the number. I've been informed the fact from my sister. She got 1003 and was chagrined to find that the milestone already passed. In any case, thank you very much.
2003/09/01 I got a job with a consulting company on the introduction of the teacher who taught us when I was in the last company. Although the job seems such a hard work that I cannot do well, I will manage to do thinking it as a study. ...But I might not be able to maintain this site sufficiently for that...
2003/08/11 The top page has been divided into the title and the program. And the message board and the renewal record have been made stand out. I added the introduction of characters to the message board. Characters will be introduced step by step.
I'm sorry that has a long interval due to Bonn vacation. And also, Some readers urge me to draw Smokers series. I'm so busy that I cannot keep time for drawing now. Please wait a while.
2003/08/10 It can now be searched for by Yahoo search. Although it doesn't have such a rich content that pass the Yahoo link, I feel as if it became competent enough as a web site and little bit happy.
2003/07/30 The message board icon has been made larger. The hit count has been barely over 250. I think it's good although the site is known among only relations and friends.
2003/07/23 The hit count has come up to 100.
2003/07/19 The site has been launched in Yahoo . Programs are '365 days', 'Billions', 'the Happiness Village' and 'Smokers'. But I've been having a hard time of dealing with many detailed adjustments even now.

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