コンセプトは ”どうしたら面白くなるか?” Profit by Quality/品質でもうけなさいin English drawn & written by Isao Hirasawa
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Prologue Profit by Quality《Contents》
T.Way of thinking quality and cost
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OK. I say hello and a few words.
At first thank you for access.

When we take Internet search with "quality" as a keyword, sites nearly 60 million (it’s half of the population of Japan!) make hit. And this site is one of 60 million.
For the beginning of the search page, the name of something society and something research institute and a lot of various authorities are there. Even the corporation which generally is well known doesn’t come out unless we turn up several pages. We are overwhelmed to its numerousness.
This site is probably almost last one of the 60 million, so you who watch it luckily or unluckily may be an owner of the considerable good luck (?).

But if you want to get some theories of the quality supplied by science authorities or some detailed commentaries of the quality control technique, I must be sorry for you and recommend you to go to other sites. I am not a scholar and please ask greater teachers the academic thing.
In 60 million, there are many many sites commented on very conscientiously, and a reliable reference book is commercially available from authorities, therefore it is certain and quick that you obtain them.
Please go without reserve towards that way.


I must do the introduction of the site properly if you have this site still drop eyes.

At first thank you for interest in these contents.

I consult for the manufacturing industries. ! ! Oh, it’s the PR site of the consultant…if you think so, I don’t deny it. If you have a demand, I hear it anytime.
I don’t intend to talk about a serious story because this is my individual site and made with my sense of fun.
1. Company without problem cannot profit
2. Good or bad quality is known at cost
3. What is quality assurance?

U.Way of solution quality problem
4. Make problem solving efficient.
5. Shares a problem by visualization
6. Dig into, and get clue of solution
7. Don't take unprofitable measure
V.Consultation example of quality problem
8. Consultation example of quality problem
9. Necessary way of thinking to raise level

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改善提案名人に挑戦! Dの問題…デリバリー/生産管理の問題について考えてみましょう

However, theme quality in itself cannot be said that it’s soft.

As you know, quality control is just specialty of the Japanese company and perhaps there is few people who object to that the quality technology developed the Japanese economy.
There are lots of excellent experts and authorities, and also lots of people with knowledge putting scholars to shame in the company. If the consultant nobody knows sits up straight now and talks about quality importantly, it is only laughed.

Actually, the Japanese quality is seemed to enrich more and more, and the economy looks good watching specialized magazines and the topic of the specialty sites.
TQC and QC circle had their heyday everywhere once. TPM and TQM became popular afterwards. When they burnt down, as for the next, ISO and CS, management quality, global standards etc. repeated a boom like an event. We feel energy, power only in a topic of the quality.
Even now, new named technique and a way of thinking about high level management philosophy comes out much. I always get impatient because I cannot catch up with it… rather I almost give it up.

Though topics of the quality are such gaudy and gorgeous, why don’t you wonder if problems disturbing the society will be frequent?
Earthquake-resistant camouflage, food of the misrepresentation, a water heater accident, a car recall, defective fan heater, defect TV, etc. There is not the day when quality problems do not appear in the papers.

People look serious and say that it must be natural to have good quality.
Although they say so, I often hear the unreasonable opinion that I arranged in the beginning of this content, for example, the quality becomes better by means of the inspection, or we can secure the quality by working with caution. Possibly most of them were swallowed up by an event and a boom, and I’ve felt that, in fact, they might never understand a basic thing.

One day I received a request that plan a seminar about the quality. I thought it’s a good opportunity, and I decided to arrange rudimentary contents that we will feel it the basic basics.
The title "Gain by Quality" seemed to get popularity. Unexpectedly many members attending a lectures gathered and the contents were popular, too and had an inquiry of the office training from several companies. Therefore, it seems to be said that the need studying basics of the quality again is high.

To my delight, when I gave a lecture in a major company, I received a question whether I had the plan to publish the content of this seminar.
Of course, if it becomes a book and helpful for many people, it must be so glad thing for me. However, from the comment a person of the publishing trade said to me, it is fixed by advertising not the contents whether a book sells. In order to make a selling book, they sink millions, ten millions in advertising costs and get their money’s worth.
Because I don’t have such a large sum of money, I answered them that I don’t do such a waist thing. But he looked very disappointing, so I promised them to summarize it in the homepage and the result is this contents.

But the real seminar contains some exchanges with the members attending the lecture and the ad lib and the example. Therefore, chapter of the issue and how to dig problems are different. So, I wrote it with a feeling making an essay rather than a seminar.

…So, though this is a one-60 millionth small site, please think it as you won the public lottery with a one-millionth probability (though it’s not such an exaggerated thing ...), and I’m so glad you watch it.

Because probably the stretch reading is tiring you despite a basic story, I think that you should be able to go on reading it little by little. If you find a wrong character or an omitted character or any question, please contact me by an email. Thanks in advance.

November, 2007 Writer  

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